7 Great Tips To Build Rapport When You Call

Qualifying prospects and new team members

  Are you vomiting on how great your opportunity is when you call your prospects or even your new team members? Yes, they may already showed some interest, but this can be a turn off. Let’s look at a better way you can start building a stronger connection with prospects and new team members that […]

Is The Chase Still On?


  Network Marketing can be a great business model if it is done in a certain way. But a lot of network marketers actually give it a bad name. Let’s find out what not to do and what we can do to make it better for ourselves…     “Desperation is like stealing from the […]

Why People Should Listen To You


How do you think all these top leaders and producers get people to listen to them? Well I guess the real question is why they listen to them? Let’s see what they leaders have that we all already have within ourselves….  “Personal leadership is the process of keeping your vision and values before you and […]

An Argument Turned Into Something Educational


Do you ever find yourself trying to convince people to your way of thinking or how much more profitable your business is than theirs? This can definitely hinder your business growth when dealing with others. Let’s see why… “A great many people think they are thinking when they are really rearranging their prejudices!”  ~William James […]

Are You Really Passionate About Your Business?


How do you feel when i comes to your business? Do you get excited when you go to the meetings or hear how great the products are? Are you just in it for the money? Either way it goes the measure of your passion can dictate how successful you’re going to be… “A successful life […]