5 Common Power Words You Need To Instantly Put Your Blog Audience To Action

If you want to get into the minds of your blog audience then the use of power words is what you want to incorporate in your posts. These are the words that instantly leaves a lasting impression and image in the minds of all who visits and read your blogs. 

The advantage of this is that you can easily get them to take some type of action. Whether it is to get them to subscribe to your blog or purchase a product/service you will eventually need power words to do this.

So if you want to increase your opt ins and your sales conversions then Power Words will be the way to go. But what are they and what would each power word mean in the minds of your visitors? In this post I will talk about Power Words, what they are, and 5 common ones you can instantly start using for your blog posts and also your ads.

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“In making a speech one must study three points: first, the means of producing persuasion; second, the language; third the proper arrangement of the various parts of the speech.” ~ Aristotle

Have you ever wonder how the leaders we read about influence the masses of people? Sometimes they can say just a couple of words and the crowd just go crazy.

I remember going to a rap concert to see a group called Wu Tang Clan in Atlanta for a college event during spring break back in the 90s.

Some of the rappers have the skill level to really move the crowd. At least for the most part.

At the concert the crowd was so in tuned with this group, that one of the rappers jumped out into the crowd from the stage for them to catch him.

Now I really liked this group, but I wasn’t about to catch no one jumping from the stage :) so I stepped to the side and hoped that someone would catch him (Shame on me huh?).

Well quite a few people caught him, and I’m glad that he didn’t just fall and break something.

But here’s the thing you want to look at.

They market themselves well really get the crowd going with their lyrics. Although they speak with a lot of slang, they also use power words.

This is how powerful it is to use these words.

When it comes to your target audience, you can get them to take the action you want them by using these words.

This is why you should use power words with your copywriting formulas when you write your headlines and your blog posts.

What Does Power Words Have To Do With Copywriting

When it comes to the art of persuasion and promotion, copywriting lays out the foundation of what you want your target market to do.

It gives the framework of what you want to say, in what order, and to make those efforts to really move the crowd like the Wu Tang Clan (Just as long as you don’t attempt to jump off stage of course ;) )

But this framework has to have an engine within itself to drive it.

This is where Power Words come into play.

Yes it’s great to have different formulas for your blog and your headlines, but without Power Words, those formulas would just be useless.

Don’t know what formulas I’m talking about? Check out my post 8 Copywriting Formulas To Engage Your Blog Audience where I give you details about these formulas and great examples of how to use them in your blog to persuade your audience. [ Tweet this! ]

My own definition of Power Words are those words that tend to draw emotions from your audience and future customers.

Now you may be asking what would be some examples of Power Words?

Well as I mentioned in the title, I will talk about 5 most common, but yet powerful Power Words. Here’s a list of these words:

  1. You
  2. Free
  3. Because
  4. Instantly
  5. New

Now just from reading them, I can say for myself that they do pick my brain a bit.

One of the smartest things you can do is to include them in your headline. Why? Because as I mentioned before, they tend to draw out emotions from your audience.

Blog Headlines that include any of these words, or a combination of them tend to get clicked on the most.

For example my post How Do You Come Across To The Email Subscribers You Currently Have has so far up to this post been getting the most traffic out of all of my posts.

Take notice of the Power Word I have in the headline.

Headline Formulas are great to use to come up with Click-Worthy Blog Posts . On the post How To Write Eye-Catching Traffic Generating Blog Headlines I give you 7 Headline Formulas you could incorporate on your future blog posts. [ Tweet this! ]

Now let’s get into the purpose on each power word as to how it will serve you, your readers and of course each of your blog posts.

The ‘Force’ Behind The Power Words

Power Words Follow Me on Pinterest

The first Star Wars Trilogy was one of my all time favorite Sci Fi movies and back when I was a kid, as innocent as I was, I thought it was only about good versus evil.

Now I see that it was really about the Force that’s within all of us and how we use it. It’s about cause and effect. If we use the Force in a certain way, there’s going to be some type of outcome.

In the case of Power Words, we want to use the Force behind it to get our audience engaged and take some type of action. So Let’s dive into each of these words!


How about you? Can you answer the question to…..

I tell you, I use to hate getting called on in class. It was either the anticipation, the fear of not knowing the answer, or worse getting caught talking in class (Yes, although I’m an introvert, I still got caught talking in class sometimes)

I hate it when this Power Word was used in class. You start to feel this self consciousness boiling up and you don’t know what to do. You either answer the question right or on the other hand you get it wrong and look like a fool in class

But what was the brighter side of the word You while you were in school?

Didn’t it feel great to be the first picked on a kick ball team in school. You probably thought the only reason why you were the first one to be called upon was because you were considered the greatest player and this is why the Captain of the team picked you first.

So depending on how you use it, you’re going to conjure something up within others whether it be a positive feeling or negative one.

But in the case, we want to bring up some positive, engaging feelings without a doubt.

The reason why this word is powerful is because it represents your name. According to the book How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie a person’s name is the sweetest sound that they hear.

So when something that represents your name in copywriting, you pay a little more attention to that article or that particular blog post.


Because we are all selfish. In this case selfish is good because we want to fulfill the needs and wants of our audience. We do this by trading value for value!

We give them content that’s of value, and they return the favor with value (traffic, leads, sales)


We all heard the saying that the best things in life are Free

At least for the most part!

I can remember being a broke college student, and I had to make the best out of the little money that I had. Who didn’t do this when they were in college.

But one thing me and my college buddies did a few times was go to Sam’s Club just to go to each Sample station just to eat the FREE samples they were giving out.

On top of that, back in high school, I really took advantage of the free refills at McDonalds. I would actually keep the paper cup for about a week just to go back and get FREE refills. But after a week these cups would get soggy at the bottom so as a result, the following week I would have to come out of pocket to get another drink and start the process all over again.

But yes, when we’re broke, we have to make the best of situations like this.

Now I’m not saying to go out and do this, but I want you to look at the situation. I was getting some type of value out of this.

But here’s the trick? If I wanted to get the full meal, I have to come out of pocket and pay for it. The FREE samples and FREE refills are just to entice you so that you can get the big package.

That’s the value of FREE

FREE is enticing and it’s persuasive when it’s used in the right way to guide your subscribers to the big package.


Little kids always want to know why something is.

Why’s the sky blue?

What is air made of?

How many hairs do people have on their head?

They’re always questioning the things around us.

But you know what?

As adults we continue the questioning. We want to know the reason why before we get involved. So we really haven’t outgrown this mindset.

But here’s the thing you have to remember when it comes to adults. We all want to know What’s In It For Us . If you tell an adult to do something, lets say a CTA (Call To Action), they want to know the reason why.

Now According to Robert Cialdini in his book The Art Of Persuasion if we ask something to do us a favor, we will be more successful if we provide them a good reason to.

So for example Instead of saying:

Join My Subscriber List and Download My FREE Ebook

try saying something similar to this:

Why Do 90% Of Online Marketers fail miserably? It’s Because they’re not following the 10 guidelines to get the results they want. Is this You? Subscribe to my list by entering your email and download my FREE Ebook to find out what these guidelines are.

Which CTA is more enticing? I’ll let you be the judge of this!


In this microwave society the average person wants instant gratification.

Delayed gratification tends to be the antagonist of our life story. We want things now. And I mean NOW!

Our minds were primed and prepared for this instant gratification as kids to adulthood.

Remember when you were asked to do something by your mom or dad and you ended up doing it much, much later. Did that really go well with either of them?

At least with mine it didn’t. And of course I got yelled at.

With that said, instant gratification has been instilled within us to want things done immediately. We have no patience.

And you know what? If we want things immediately usually means our audience wants things immediately also. If you’ve been branding yourself right, your audience is the reflection of who you are.

So give them what they want! In this case you may want to give them something for FREE until it leads up to your main products or services that they will have to pay for if they really want the full solution.

And this my friends is when delayed gratification becomes the protagonist!

So as far as this Power Word lets see which headline looks the best:

10 Ways To Generate Leads Through Facebook Marketing


10 Ways To Instantly Generate Leads Through Facebook Marketing

Which headline seems more enticing to you?


Don’t you hate it when there are too many changes to a product or service?

A lot of us like the way things are because it sits quite well with us.

But on the other hand Newness can be quite beneficial

I figure most of you have wordpress blogs, and you know on many cases that doing updates on plugins or just your wordpress blog in general will not only have some new features, but also these updates will help protect your blog from hackers.

Some of you may be currently using tools that you were about to dump because of the lack of few features you needed, but after that new update, the programmer not only incorporated those few features but also over-delivered with other features you didn’t know that will make your experience more convenient.

Now imagine this with your audience. Maybe they have tried a strategy or tool that was very difficult to them, and you discovered a way that will make things easy for them.

Check out these copywriting samples when adding the word New:

Check out this New, Simple Way To Syndicate Your Content


Here’s a New Way To Stay Engage With Your Audience Without Too Much Effort.

So Let’s Recap On Power Words

Power Words are those words that trigger emotions from your target audience

There are 5 common Power Words which are You, Free, Because, Instantly, New

You - Represents your audiences’ names and draws their attention

Free – Use to entice people up until they buy the full package

Because – Use to give people a reason why you’re asking them to do something

Instantly – Use to satisfy your target audiences’ instant gratification

New - Use to show improvements, a better understanding, or a different perspective

To get the best out of Power Words you would want to incorporate them within your Headline Formulas and other Copywriting Formulas to increase engagement so your audience will click on your posts and become more engage with the content.

As I mentioned, these are 5 common Power Words that will aid in triggering emotion within your audience and get them to do some type of action. There are many other Power Words, and if you’re interested check out 317 Power Words That’ll Instantly Make You A Better Writer written by Jon Morrow on Boost Blog Traffic . I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of all the choices you have!

Now It’s Your Turn

When it comes to sales, one of the things you want to make sure of is trigger your audiences’ emotions. One of the best ways to do this, if not the best way, is to use power words.

Leaders, Singers, Rappers, and a plethora of more people get their audience engaged and wrapped around their words through the use of these words. So if you haven’t done so already, start noticing and implement these words.

So have you ever heard of Power Words? Are you currently using them? How have they helped you? Have you built better rapport with your audience by using them?

Please share your comments below and share this post with your friends. I look forward to read them!


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