How Do You Come Across To The Email Subscribers You Currently Have?

Some of you may have a lot of email subscribers while others of you don’t. But what’s more important is how do you come across to the email subscribers you have? In better words, how is your reputation in regards to them? We all know there are different types of email subscribers, and usually our focus is on the main ones that are more responsive. We want to look professional, but how can we so that they can benefit from us? In this post I will talk about how we can be more professional with the list of overall subscribers we already have.

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“Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.” ~ John Wooden

When you go out to a special event, you want to look your best right?

And at the same time you want to be very comfortable in your own skin and be sociable. By the end of the event, you want to be the talk of the town because of who you are. You put your best foot forward, and you’ll be known for something spectacular.

In this case, you are personally branding yourself. You create this reputation that people know you by and it all starts with your character.

Your character comprises your personality, and along with it, your ethics and principles.

There is something about you that certain people are attracted to and why they stay in contact with you.

Yes, we see this with quite a few people, but what is it about these people that really attracts other’s to them? Well from my perception, there are quite a few vital reasons, but I want you to ask yourself, how do you believe you come across your email subscribers?

Are you always focused on promoting an opportunity, product, or service. Is this only how your email subscribers see you as?

I know, I know, if you’re not promoting anything, then you won’t make any money. But here’s what you want to think about. If you’re only promoting just to make a quick buck, then you can end up not making any money.

But This is what the successful bloggers and online marketers do, you tell me! And you know what? I’d agree with you up to a certain degree.

Now I have to ask you this?

Do You believe they started out with only promoting? If so why, if not why not?

Branding Yourself is one of the most powerful task you can constantly do for long time success. If you’re in Network Marketing and/or doing Affiliate Marketing then blogging would be a great way to do this. Here’s a great post I did a while back on Why Blogging Would Be A Great Branding Tool For Network And Affiliate Marketers 
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Well I tell you this, they had to learn how to build a nice following and maintain them before they reached the level that they’re on now. This is why it’s so important to build the type of reputation that your email subscribers trust and want to buy from or do business with.

Characteristics Of People That Brand Themselves Well With Their Email Subscribers

When it comes to blogging and online marketing, you want to learn how to be aligned with your audience. These are the people that’s going to support you and propel you to become the success you want to be.

When we come online and market our business, products and services we tend to forget that we need a certain level of people skills in order to get the best out of online marketing.

Barbara Charles share’s a great post on why Bloggers Still Need People Skills. She goes into detail about what are people skills and how you develop them as a blogger. I believe you can apply this to whatever strategy you use in online marketing.

But I have noticed with some email lists that I’ve subscribe to on how these bloggers come across to me whenever I read their emails. Here, I like to list their good qualities of why they’re on the level they are on:

Not Afraid To Be Themselves 

Transparency is the key to attracting the right people to you.

We all heard the cliche like attracts like, right? Well you want to be able to attract the very people who are naturally already aligned with you.

What better way to do this than to be yourself and share some of your own personal experiences, routines, feelings, etc..

When it comes to building relationships with your email subscribers, this is the first and foremost thing that you want to get across to them.

When someone shares their experiences, their fears, and mistakes, this catches my attention and draws me in because usually I’m going through the same thing or have gone through the experience in the past.

It’s like two people who instantly hit it off even though it’s the first time they met. By this, you’ll to get across to your subscribers that you all known each other for quite some time.

They Are Approachable

I mean this in the sense that they want to actually help you and provide some guidance without coming across as someone who’s only goal is to sell you.

Have you come across people like this?

I get this a lot on Facebook. And you know what? I tend to shun them off until they actually want to get to know me and provide some genuine guidance.

You want your list feel like they can approach you with no strings attached.

Yes I know, you want to make money and I can tell you this again, you’re more likely to make money from your email list if they can approach you without any strings attached.

This may sound counterintuitive but the more of value you are to your email list, the easier the sale will be to them.

They Know What Their Email Subscribers Want

Why did your email subscribers opt into your list?

Do you know what particular information they were looking for?

The one thing I notice with some of the email lists I subscribed to is that they already know what I’m looking for.


Well each of their opt in forms are catered to the topic of the post or the interest of their target market as a whole. Once you opt in, you go through their sales funnel and automatic email messages which is set up give you more value based upon what you were looking for.

Not Getting Any Email Subscribers? Do you know why? Do you know what to do once you find out why? In This Post I give you some reasons of Why You’re Not Getting Any Email Subscribers and I give you some tips on what to do about it.
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There’s also been quite a few times where they ask what their list are looking for either through just plain old emailing or through surveys.

This definitely shows how concern they are with your success and providing the tools that will propel you to the top! So if you’re not practicing this, this would be a great time to do so now.

They Give The Value That Their Email Subscribers Don’t Know They Want

In many instances, you don’t know what you don’t know.

How many times have you heard this. This is not to say that you are dumb, but not well informed about certain strategies, tasks, or tools that will benefit you.

Besides who knows everything there is to know about making money through online marketing and blogging in the first place?

So when it comes down to it, sometimes you are either you’re not aware or don’t know the importance of these strategies, tasks or tools.

In this case, there is nothing wrong with exposing your list to what will push them further along their journey. I would advice to also give them the option of what they can use for free along with those things they can pay for.

Sometimes your list either don’t have the funds to pay for whatever you promote, or they just want to test the waters first because the trust in what you promote isn’t there yet.

When you do this, you’ll come across to them as someone that is fair and will work with them.

They Are Consistent With What They Deliver 

When it comes to building strong, genuine rapport and trust, then you definitely want to be consistent with your emails.

This is what I see with those successful bloggers and online marketers who’s list I opted into.

I always get at least one email from them, and they always have something of valuable whether it be a blog post, a webinar, or even a podcast.

Some of their trainings are free while others you have to pay for, but either way it goes, I always get something that I can apply instantly to my business.

They Make The Necessary Improvements For Their Email Subscribers To Benefit More From

One thing that sets these successful bloggers and online marketers apart is that they make improvements on their marketing campaign based on what they ask their email subscribers directly or through survey.

They may put their subscribers on another email list based on their interest and others have created actual blogging communities for people to engage in.

Either way it goes, they make it so their email subscribers can benefit more from them so that they have a choice of other avenues to take in order to build their blog or businesses.

It shows that they’re in business more so for the people than themselves!

In Conclusion

When it comes to your email subscribers, you’re first priority is to brand yourself, creating a reputation that your email subscribers can respect and want to follow.

I myself didn’t realize how important this was when I first started blogging and doing online marketing. I figure as long as I’m getting leads, then everything else will fall into place.

Well in my experience, it didn’t work out that way. I find that it is better to give your list a great reason why they should keep following you.

By following these tips on how these successful bloggers and online marketers got to the level they’re on will definitely make you a more reputable person to follow.

Now it’s Your Turn!

How do you feel you are coming across to your email subscribers?

How do they respond to your emails?

Are you consistent and emailing them every week?

Do they consider paying for the products/services you promote?

What do you think you can do to build a better relationship with them?

Please share your comments below and share this post with your friends. I look forward to read them!

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